The Best Sugar Daddy (baby) Sites & Apps for Finding a Sugar Daddy

Last update: November 20, 2020

Choosing the right sugar daddy websites or apps is important to ensure that you get meaningful connections. If you are a woman looking for a sugar daddy, you want to be sure you are connecting with men who are affluent and stable. If you are a mature man seeking companionship, you want to connect with intelligent and sophisticated women. In both cases, it’s vital that you have a system that offers powerful searching of an extensive membership. Let’s look at some of the best websites and apps for finding the perfect sugar relationship for you. 

The 8 Best Sugar Daddy Sites to Find a Sugar Daddy



One of the most respected of all the sugar daddy sites, SugarDaddyMeet offers the chance to connect with affluent men of all backgrounds. These lonely and caring men are looking for long term paid companionship relationships. has a great search system as well as an easy to use profile set-up process. This means that it’s quick and simple to get started.

The membership comprises more than 420,000 sugar daddies looking for that special lady to devote their time and affections to. Some of the things that make SDM different are the “First Date Gifts” that help to entice you to accept the first date. These are offered by many members who are particularly interested in meeting you. The site also offers verified member status. Verified Members are confirmed by SDM to be exactly who and what they say they are. These men have been certified as being 100% non-fake, so you know at the beginning that you are not wasting your time. SDM also has a great mobile app so that you can stay connected and ready to meet a new sugar daddy anytime, anywhere.

For men, the advantage is having access to more than 1.4 million sugar babies from all over North America. SDM is one of the first paid relationship sites. They have an extensive database of women who are ready to date you right now. Don’t be lonely a minute longer. The joining process is super easy. Once you become verified you can start connecting immediately.

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With SeekingArrangement, sugar babies like you can seek out establish and experienced sugar daddies from all over. These men know how to treat a woman. They are ready to spend their time, money, and resources to make you happy. In return, they only ask for loyal companionship, fun dating, and exciting experiences. One of the most respected of all sugar sites, SeekingArrangement is a popular choice among sugar daters for good reason. The site offers the ability for women to make a connection to men who they would not normally have access to, and for men to find women who are interesting in being pampered and cared for without the normal strings and hang-ups of traditional dating. is the leader in sugar dating for men who are looking to meet beautiful, intelligent, and fun women. These men are looking to mentor, be a benefactor to, and share exciting lives with these women. From shopping sprees to exotic vacations, to world-class dining, you will live the good life. At the same time, you just might find someone you can truly connect with. Making a connection is easy when you search for your sugar daddy through 

For the generous, lonely sugar daddy looking for companionship, the benefit is a database of gorgeous women ready to share your life with you. They can’t wait to date you and engage with you in fun and exciting ways. The average ratio on the service is four babies per registered daddy. This puts the odds greatly in your favor for meeting someone quickly. Chances are you could be dating someone great this weekend.

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SugarDaddyForMe offers a unique take on the compensated relationship connection service. The site works to simplify the process down as streamlined as possible. This lets generous, caring, affluent men connect with attractive, and affectionate women fast.

For sugar babies, the site is easy to sign up and you can start making connections quickly. This site is perfect for connecting with all kinds of men, looking for everything from a fun companion to long-term arrangements. Some of these arrangements even blossom into real relationships leading to marriage. In fact, almost a quarter of the relationships that start out as sugar on this service convert to long-lasting committed relationships. 

For a sugar daddy, this sugar daddy site offers a chance to connect with a wide variety of women. These women come from all walks of life and range from gorgeous beauties to single moms, and more. SDFM even offers you three free days to get started. Use this time to explore the site, make your first connections, and maybe even set up a date. The sign-up process is amazingly easy and simple. Most men can be signed up and ready to go in less than an hour. That means that in most cases, you can be searching out sugar babies and making connections the same day you sign up and could even be going on a first date this weekend. 

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One of the best sugar daddy website services in the world, is the place to make real connections. is different from other sites due to its high-quality standards for all profiles. All of the profiles are verified for legitimacy and detail before they are made public on the system. Regardless of if you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, you will quickly find that this site isn’t a waste of your time like some other sites with their recycled profiles and spambot accounts. 

SugarDaddie has a large membership of sugar daddies looking for attractive and energetic ladies. These men are looking for women who offer them more than they get with traditional dating. These generous men can’t wait to meet beautiful women and to shower them with affection, caring, and attention. These men are ready to sweep a woman off her feet and give her the life that she deserves. The search system at is very easy to use. One of the unique components of this site is its profile photo standards. If you ever have any issues you can count on the dedicated customer service team to be there ready to help. 

For women, this is one of the best sites to be on. It offers one of the most diverse and deep ranging male membership of affluent and attentive men of any site on the web. These men want nothing more than to care for you and provide you with affection and tokens of appreciation. They have so much to give and they are looking for someone just like you to give it to. Over 500 men join the site daily, and most women are getting connection requests within a couple of hours of signing up. In addition, the in-depth searching system that allows you to find out everything you need about the men who you are possibly going to be dating before accepting a date.

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WhatsYourPrice is a different kind of sugar daddy dating site. WYP takes the idea of sugar relationships to a new level by making things competitive. Datees, the term that the site uses for single attractive women who are looking for accommodation and affection post their profiles on the site. Daters, the term applied to the accomplished men who are lonely and looking to meet someone special to spend quality time with, bid on dates to entice the “datees” to select them. The higher the bid, a significant portion of which is paid to the young lady/“datee”, the higher the chance that she will select this gentleman from among the other suitors who are interested in them. After the young woman selects the winning “dater” the initial paid date happens. Fr this point it’s up to the individual parties if they wish to enter a sugar relationship. If they do enter a relationship, great, if not, then they are each free to return to the dating pool on the site.

This unique system lets men meet high-quality women interested in make a real connection. These women are ready to spend time with real men who are mature, established, and experienced. They are looking for men who know how to be caring companions, and compassionate friends. 

For women, the unique system offers a chance to be an in-demand commodity. You’ll have your pick of great men looking for companionship with someone interesting and fun. They want to spend time with affectionate women who are intelligent and one-of-a-kind.

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EstablishedMen is a sugar daddy website which connects young, beautiful women with mature and experienced men. These individuals are looking to establish mutually beneficial relationships. The system at is a little different than other sugar dating sites. The difference is that both sides have an equal capacity to seek out and connect with one another. This helps to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. This is one of the newer sites, and as such the database is smaller than that of the older sites. The site is growing rapidly, however, with hundreds of new users joining every week.

The service lets you send out gifts to profiles that you are interested in to attract more attention from them. This is a nice touch since it increases the chances of a man making a connection to a sugar baby quickly. Sending out gifts is free, except for the value of the gift of course, but unfortunately, fitting is not. Men must be a paid member to initiate a flirting interaction with a woman. One plus, however, is that the system does offer an open format chat room system as well as a direct message system that is available for free. Another advantage is that there is a private album system in place that lets you post more provocative and alluring photos if you so choose. This album is only available for paid members, and only premium members can see its contents and then only after you have connected with one another, which is a nice touch. 

The search system has a great number of filters, which help to narrow down your results to exactly what you are looking for. The majority of users have numerous public photos, but there is no requirement to have a photo on your profile. The information in the profiles is individually checked for accuracy and factuality. This does slightly increase the amount of time before a profile becomes active, but it helps to increase the quality of the system so it’s worth it. There is no wealth verification or statement system in place. This is due to the fact that while they do offer an abundance of sugar dating opportunities this is a site that offers matchmaking and dating services to everyone as well. 

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SugarDaddy is one of the best sugar daddy website services for sugar dating around. The clean and web layout site is designed to make the searching and connecting process as easy and streamlined as possible. The service features a fully mobile-optimized layout. This means you can use the site on your PC, phone, or tablet without needing a separate app. offers women a vast collection of men looking to connect with and date them. These men want to share their guidance, their affections, and their time with you. They want to shower you with romance, gifts, and accommodating in exchange for you filling a hole in their lives. 

For men, is the premier sugar daddy site for seeking refined, beautiful, and sophisticated women. These women are looking for men who are above the level of what they normally have available to them. They are tired of playing games with men in their age and financial bracket and want more out of life. They want to spend time with men just like you; men who know how to treat a woman. 

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Young attractive women are waiting to meet intelligent and mature men on This sugar daddy dating site offers an extensive female membership that’s eager to meet experienced men. These women are looking for men who don’t play games, know what a woman wants, and care about a woman’s needs. The men on the site are ready to share their life with others who they find interesting and fun. The search system is easy to use and allows for detailed filtering to find exactly what you are looking for. The system only shows women in the immediate area for men, and for women, you know that the men who are going to see your profile are all local and ready to meet you. 

The system uses a credit-based platform that rewards users with improved rankings and better exposure for positive reviews and interactions. In addition, the service uses a profile verification system that helps to eliminate 96% of fake profiles, ensuring that you have access to more high-quality members. This isn’t to say that the site doesn’t have a few limitations, for instance, unlike other sites listed here, there is no wealth verification system, do men cannot prove their affluence status. There is also, unfortunately, as of the writing of this description, no mobile app to make using the site easier for those who prefer to not use a browser-based experience on the go.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of this service versus some of the others on this list is that with SecretBenefits, all sugar babies use the site for free. That’s right, absolutely free membership for women who want to register as a sugar baby. On the flip side, sugar daddies have to possess a paid membership to do anything substantial on the site, this again helps to improve the site by limiting the number of men who are not high quality and actively seeking companionship for the long term with a caring and affectionate woman. 

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The Best Sugar Daddy Apps to Find a Sugar Daddy

#1: SDM App


SDM is the official mobile app for The app provides an easy to use portal for all the features of the Sugar Daddy Meet website. With this mobile app, you can register, browse, message, and more from your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to better enjoy your time on the SugarDaddyMeet service from anywhere. This sugar daddy app supports push notifications and uses SSL to keep your data private.

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#2: Seeking App

Seeking App
Seeking App

Seeking is the official sugar daddy app for the popular Seeking Arrangement sugar dating service. The app provides you with all the features of the website so you can browse, connect, and share anywhere. The app is easy to use, and if you are not a member of you can join from within the app in minutes. The Seeking app has tens of thousands of users making connections. These users are beautiful women and wealthy, well-established men looking for companionship. These users are from all over North America and are actively looking for dating, romance, and fun.

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